The origins

We are an entrepreneur couple passionate about luxury watches, and we are committed to offering products with special attention to details. We created Kaly Avenue in Montreal (Canada), and the concept came to us while we were shopping for a watch to offer as a gift. We came to realize that it is challenging to find elegant pieces that can be worn in everyday life as well as for special events or professional gatherings.

The vision

Our vision is to design everyday luxury watches that make it easy to transition from a casual look to a dressy look, or from business attire to evening wear. We believe that buying a luxury watch doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune. That’s why we avoid all middlemen while manufacturing top quality products at a reasonable price for our beloved clientele.

The name

The brand name KALY was formed with our initials, and Avenue is a reference to our lifestyle : walking our way in life with class. That’s our way of inviting you into our world : a community of people who want to own their future.

K. & A. Ly


Photo by Geoffrey Chevtchenko